Monday, November 19, 2007


Bush’s War. Let’s look at what Bush’s War has accomplished now that we are about to celebrate the 5th Thanksgiving with Bush’s War.

Is it a coincidence that in the beginning of Bush’s War, oil was trading around $45 per barrel, now it’s in the mid $90’s per barrel. Gas around $1.90 per gallon, now, about $3.08 gallon.

Bush’s War also brought the National Debt from 8.08 Trillion dollars to now 9.11 trillion dollars. Does that sound like small government and sound fiscal policy of which the GOP claim to be their strength.

Bush’s War regarding Iraq and all the talk of progress. 07’, the most lethal year for American troops, yes! Reconciled Iraqi government, no! AQI created, yes! Unstable Pakistan, yes! Unstable Afghanistan, yes! Middle East stability, no! Iraqi deaths lower under Saddam’s rule than with Bush’s War, yes! Iraqi oil production up, no!

Bush’s War costs. Thus far, 620 billion. Projected total, 2.4 trillion. Wounded in action, 37,659. KIA, 3,871. Bush’s War cost in American world standing, priceless.

His Father used to speak of, ”A Thousand Points of Light”. Reagen used to speak of, “ The Shinning City on the Hill”. Now we are vilified throughout the world, many of our staunchest allies are distancing themselves from “Bush’s War” much the same way that the GOP candidates are distancing themselves from Bush and “Bush’s War”.

What is left for Bush’s War to accomplish? He has created more terrorist’s than he’s killed. He united the planet against us while dividing Americans. America’s rich have prospered under his tax cuts and us average schmucks are working harder than ever. Usama Bin Laden is still free and we are no more safe at home. Fire and Police departments are suffering financially, that is the true cost of , “Bush’s War”!

Monday, October 22, 2007

US integrity for sale.

Iraq. Before you read any further, I would like you to pause and ask yourself…Why are we in Iraq?

Everything we’ve been told by the Bush administration has been proven to be false. There were no WMDs. We were never 45 minutes away from a ‘mushroom’ cloud. Al Queda was never in Iraq. There were no mobile biological labs.

After all these reasons for invading Iraq were disproved, the Bush administration needed further justification to continue its occupation. This set a whole new set of lies in motion. Remember how we had to fight them over there so we didn’t have to fight them here. That’s ridiculous on it’s face. After undergoing several mutations that lie has now morphed into “spreading freedom’. That’s not working real well is it!

Even if it was working in Iraq, which it’s not, we are loosing freedoms at home. Bush/Cheney et al have done to us what the terrorists could never do. Suspend habeas corpus and compromised 5 of the 10 amendments known as the Bill of Rights. Once you’ve sacrificed liberty for security you have essentially put a price tag on your integrity. What’s your integrity worth? Mine is not for sale!

Bush has decided integrity and world standing is for sale. The cost so far, upwards of 600 billion dollars and counting at a rate of $3,000 per second 24/7/365! Of course there’s the human cost. Over 3834 KIA thus far with upwards of 30,000 wounded and the cost of their care. Is that enough of a cost to sell your integrity?

Now we have Bush/Cheney trying to do the same thing all over again with regards to Iran. After already selling the aforementioned integrity I ask, does Bush have any integrity left to sell? At what cost? Buyer beware!

Thursday, August 2, 2007



Do you ever feel like that? I do. Even among our own Democrats. You know, you write a letter with your concerns to your congressman and in reply you get some ‘form’ letter in return after some computer program went through it and picked some key phrases out and returned some drivelious (made up word), talking points in an attempt to satiate you.

Let me offer the following example.

After much research I installed an outdoor wood furnace to burn what would otherwise be waste wood. My research told me it would be good for the environment and good for my pocketbook. So after 3 years, I realized it was a very good investment because my investment was to be repaid even quicker than I first calculated.

Anyway, I tried to take this even further. I started to research wind turbines. The initial investment was a scary number, about 60k for a very large turbine that would generate about (forgive my memory on this, I’m not great at electricity figures); I think it was 25kw per year (something like that). Anyway, it would have supplied anywhere from 90%-110% of my yearly consumption. Basically I thought it means free electricity in perpetuity after it paid for itself after about 16 years with maintenance etc.

My surprise came when I found out, by law that my co-op could not buy my excess electricity for the same rate that I had to pay them. I pay about 10.7 cents per kwh but they would only pay me 3.7 cents per kwh. By law! This turned my recoupment from 16 years to over 30 years.

OK, so I write my congressman, who I think is great by the way. I tell him that I definitely don’t agree with this federal law. I get a return e-mail informing me of his energy policy! What now, I don’t have 60k just laying around without accounting for it.

With respect to my congressman, I get these same form letters from my Senators and the Whitehouse.

Enough of my personal struggles and back to my point. Can anyone offer any evidence that our leadership actually reads what we are writing. I see many, many Democrats who call for impeachment of GW Bush. Where is that going? I agree with Congressman Waxman and his investigations and I hope they will lead to an investigation of this administration that will lead to an actual impeachment investigation. Does Howard Dean read the blogs or is this just a feel good tool? Do our Democratic representatives use this tool to see how we feel?

That’s why I feel like dust in the wind.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


WMDs in Iraq. Lets be sure of what we speak. The actual Weapons of Mass Destruction that the Reagen and Bush1 administrations sold Iraq or the imaginary Weapons of Mass Deception that the GW Bush administration sold America , our Senate and the world to invade a sovereign nation that had nothing to do with 911.
Sen. Rick Santorum famously declassified papers on national TV to show a few hundred canisters of mustard gas found in Iraq. These weapons were old and decrepit. These were the same WMDs that America sold Saddam Husein with Reagen and Bush1 in charge of the executive branch.
Yellow cake from Niger, aluminum tubes , mobile biological labs were the imaginary Weapons of Mass Deception that GW Bush used to kill allot of innocent people. Remember , he is the 'compassionate conservative'.
If the goal was to spread democracy , I've always wondered if we were to use the same criteria to attack N.Korea, Cuba or Venezuela?
If the goal was to spread freedom , I've always wondered why we didn't use the same criteria with Russia , China or Sudan?
If the goal was to fight terrorism , I've always wondered why we don't use the same force in Afghanistan , Chechnya or Iran?
Opinions are one thing but facts still are stubborn. The opinion from the right ' kill 'em all and let God sort it out', the opinion from the left is ' lets negotiate'. The fact is 'oil is the core reason we are in Iraq'. All you need to do is look at where our military is posted worldwide.
If you haven't figured this out yet , I truly feel pity for you. Americans are dieing for 78.o0$ per barrel. Fact is , oil has never traded higher than current prices. What a coincidence? Really , what a coincidence since the Bush administration took over. At least other administrations tried to hide the connection to Americas interests in" little" wars. This bunch might as well hire the Goodyear blimp to fly over the Superbowl and say, " I'm going to SACRIFICE AMERICAN CHILDREN FOR THE WEALTHY".

Monday, July 23, 2007


I don't know about you, but after 8 years of GW I'm not ready to 'lighten up'. I want a president who has the good of our nation at heart. Not some one who wants to double the size of GITMO. The following video shows Mitts response to a questioner who wonders why he would compare 'OSAMA ' to OBAMA'. I've had enough of presidents calling the opposite party traitors.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Yea, it’s me again. Look I have no problem with all of you good honest Republicans out there. I just believe you lost the way of Goldwater, you know, small government, fiscal and personal responsibility, respect for the law and American interests above party success. If I had been born 10 years earlier, I would have been a republican. I believe I could have worked with liberals, we both would have wanted the same things, nobody is pro abortion, no one wants to restrict the 2nd amendment, we all want the freedom to participate in religion to whatever degree we want and every one supports our military.

I’ve lived through enough presidents to know that all of them had strengths and weaknesses. None was perfect. After 9-11, I was proud of GW and his response, he actually was a ‘uniter. I, like the rest of America wanted Bin Laden captured and put on display so I could buy a cup of monkey poop and throw it on him. I believed Bush.

My confidence in Bush was short lived I’m sad to say. It was evident early on that Bush was receiving bad counsel. He abandoned and outsourced the capture of Bin Laden to the same warlords we are fighting in Afghanistan now. Worse than that he diverted our resources to an ill-advised invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation that had nothing to do with 9-11.

Even if you agree with Bush on Iraq, you must admit his occupation strategy has been an absolute failure. Not to mention his domestic policy. Have you ever heard of a ‘unitary executive’ before Bush? Everything seems to be politics with this man. His claims of authority are exactly what the founding fathers were guarding against!

3632 Americans have died in Iraq, never forget!

Friday, July 20, 2007


I’ve never put a lot of credence in people who espouse extreme positions, either left or right. Both parties have their fair share of wingnuts and each are easily dismissed, usually by their own words their arguments implode on themselves.

Lately, left leaning extremist have argued that GW Bush and his handlers have some sort of grand plan to suspend the constitution in order to establish a fascist state. They point to things GW has said, for example- regarding the 06 elections Bush said,’ at least we allowed the elections to happen’, concerning his difficulties with the congress he said,’ my job would be easier if this were a dictatorship, especially if I were the dictator’.

These are 2 of the many examples of narcissism that are far too common in the Bush administration. I’ve always viewed these statements as incompetence, not evil intentions.

Now we have Reagen Assistant Secretary of State, Paul Roberts saying this, "Unless Congress immediately impeaches Bush and Cheney, a year from now the US could be a dictatorial police state at war with Iran." This is not a commie, hippie liberal saying that.

Among other things he is referring to is executive order 51 and a new executive order announced 7-19-07 that allows the president to freeze the assets of dissenters. Both accomplish things that terrorists could never do, suspend the bill of rights in the USA. Order 51 allows the president to suspend posse commitatus until he deems order restored after he defines what an emergency is. The new order suspends any property rights that were left unassaulted by any of his previous actions. Both, absolutely unconstitutional.

To all republicans who still support GW, I ask this: What do you think will happen to our precious 2nd amendment if GW gets his way if there is another “emergency” situation in America?

Sunday, July 15, 2007


The following quote is from Bill Kristol on the eve of the Iraq War. All thanks to the Anonymous Libereral for reminding me. His link is on my 'blog roll to left;
We are tempted to comment, in these last days before the war, on the U.N., and the French, and the Democrats. But the war itself will clarify who was right and who was wrong about weapons of mass destruction. It will reveal the aspirations of the people of Iraq, and expose the truth about Saddam's regime. It will produce whatever effects it will produce on neighboring countries and on the broader war on terror. We would note now that even the threat of war against Saddam seems to be encouraging stirrings toward political reform in Iran and Saudi Arabia, and a measure of cooperation in the war against al Qaeda from other governments in the region. It turns out it really is better to be respected and feared than to be thought to share, with exquisite sensitivity, other people's pain. History and reality are about to weigh in, and we are inclined simply to let them render their verdicts.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


I don’t know which hypocrisy irks me most this last week, there are too many to choose from. First we have the Pope decreeing that Catholicism is the only true religion and all others are pretenders. Even saying something like that goes against the teachings of Jesus. Then we have Sen. Vitter confessing to consorting with prostitutes. He was elected largely because of his rhetoric bashing gays and supporting the marriage amendment. This is the very definition of hypocrisy. Finally we Bush claiming ‘executive privilege’ for not supplying Congress with documentation. I’m not talking about the scandals involving the fired prosecutors, the illegal wire tapping of our phones and e-mails or even his exposing a CIA agent. He is refusing to turn over documents concerning the ‘friendly fire’ killing of Pat Tillman. A true patriot and hero who was killed in Afghanistan. He is doing this to avoid political embarrassment and to cover up the propaganda machine Bush employed for political gain. What a coward.

The Roman Empire didn’t fall in a day nor did it fall because of bad leadership. It only fell after the people failed to hold their leaders accountable and accepted the fact that they were mere peons and felt they didn’t have the power over an ever increasing corrupt government. One doesn’t need to look too far back in the Bush family to find corruption, his grandfather Prescott, was a major contributor to the Nazis during the entire war, his fathers close ties to the Suadis and Bush himself in bed with big oil.

Ask yourself this question, What possible reason is there for Bush to with hold the details of Pat Tillmans death? Unless you’re trying to cover something up, there is no good reason. It’s just standard operating procedure if you’re morally bankrupt