Monday, October 22, 2007

US integrity for sale.

Iraq. Before you read any further, I would like you to pause and ask yourself…Why are we in Iraq?

Everything we’ve been told by the Bush administration has been proven to be false. There were no WMDs. We were never 45 minutes away from a ‘mushroom’ cloud. Al Queda was never in Iraq. There were no mobile biological labs.

After all these reasons for invading Iraq were disproved, the Bush administration needed further justification to continue its occupation. This set a whole new set of lies in motion. Remember how we had to fight them over there so we didn’t have to fight them here. That’s ridiculous on it’s face. After undergoing several mutations that lie has now morphed into “spreading freedom’. That’s not working real well is it!

Even if it was working in Iraq, which it’s not, we are loosing freedoms at home. Bush/Cheney et al have done to us what the terrorists could never do. Suspend habeas corpus and compromised 5 of the 10 amendments known as the Bill of Rights. Once you’ve sacrificed liberty for security you have essentially put a price tag on your integrity. What’s your integrity worth? Mine is not for sale!

Bush has decided integrity and world standing is for sale. The cost so far, upwards of 600 billion dollars and counting at a rate of $3,000 per second 24/7/365! Of course there’s the human cost. Over 3834 KIA thus far with upwards of 30,000 wounded and the cost of their care. Is that enough of a cost to sell your integrity?

Now we have Bush/Cheney trying to do the same thing all over again with regards to Iran. After already selling the aforementioned integrity I ask, does Bush have any integrity left to sell? At what cost? Buyer beware!

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