Saturday, July 21, 2007


Yea, it’s me again. Look I have no problem with all of you good honest Republicans out there. I just believe you lost the way of Goldwater, you know, small government, fiscal and personal responsibility, respect for the law and American interests above party success. If I had been born 10 years earlier, I would have been a republican. I believe I could have worked with liberals, we both would have wanted the same things, nobody is pro abortion, no one wants to restrict the 2nd amendment, we all want the freedom to participate in religion to whatever degree we want and every one supports our military.

I’ve lived through enough presidents to know that all of them had strengths and weaknesses. None was perfect. After 9-11, I was proud of GW and his response, he actually was a ‘uniter. I, like the rest of America wanted Bin Laden captured and put on display so I could buy a cup of monkey poop and throw it on him. I believed Bush.

My confidence in Bush was short lived I’m sad to say. It was evident early on that Bush was receiving bad counsel. He abandoned and outsourced the capture of Bin Laden to the same warlords we are fighting in Afghanistan now. Worse than that he diverted our resources to an ill-advised invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation that had nothing to do with 9-11.

Even if you agree with Bush on Iraq, you must admit his occupation strategy has been an absolute failure. Not to mention his domestic policy. Have you ever heard of a ‘unitary executive’ before Bush? Everything seems to be politics with this man. His claims of authority are exactly what the founding fathers were guarding against!

3632 Americans have died in Iraq, never forget!

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